High Quality, Innovative, Drop-In Ready with Endless Options.
Our Sump and Refugium Kits are the Ultimate DIY Sump or Refugium Solution

Drop-in Construction

Our kits are designed for ease of installation. Components are prebuilt and bonded with Weld-On cement just like in a standard acrylic sump. For example, our pro sock holders are shipped as a one piece solution which can be dropped into your tank and siliconed in. This insures perfect flat surfaces, square corners and leak free joints in a fraction of the time it would take to assemble, align and install our competitor’s multi-piece solutions.

Quality Materials

All of our kits are made of premium grade black or clear 1/4″ cell cast acrylic.

Manufactured in house in the U.S.A.

We build them right here in southern Alabama. In fact, each kit is made when you order it which allows us to customize it to your needs if necessary. Turn time on standard kits is one business day and custom kits ship within 2 business days of finalized plans.

CNC Machined with Innovative Features

Most sump kits on the market today are simple laser cut pieces that you slap together to make a sump. While we think lasers are super cool, they have serious limitations in what they can do. That’s why we CNC machine every part in our kits. CNC machining allows us to back bevel corners for tight 90 degree angles. Flow slots can be back tapered for super quiet operation. Bonded joints can be bedded to insure proper alignment with greater strength. Finally, we can do internal machining to create features like internal o-ring seals which lower costs while offering significant space savings over tradition bulkheads or uni-seals.

Ultimate Kits

The pro sump and refugium kit taken to the next level by adding a customizable connection kit. Ultimate kits include custom cut and beveled 1″ PVC inlet pipes with slip/slip couplers for quick connection to your system. They can also be ordered with 1, 2 or 3 sealed inlets in right hand or left hand configurations.

Pro Kits

Our top of the line sump and refugium kits feature drop in ready construction with all the features you’d expect from a top of the line sump. This includes change on the fly filter socks and an inlet lid with up to three 1″ PVC pipe inlets.

Standard Kits

These mid-range sump and refugium kits provide everything you need to setup a fully functioning sump including drop in ready, fully glued and assembled single or dual filter sock holders and up to three partitioning baffles. Baffles are available in fixed or adjustable depth configurations.

Basic Kits

Our lowest cost solution provides all the baffles you’ll need to partition your glass tank into a fully functioning sump or refugium. These work great with any third party sock holder or fleece filter. Baffles are available in fixed or adjustable depth configurations.

Fleece Filter Kits

These are pro level sump and refugium kits with an altered sock baffle designed specifically to work with most commercially available stand alone fleece or roller-mat filter systems.
Baffles are available in fixed or adjustable depth configurations.

Custom Kits

Make your dream sump or refugium kit a reality with our custom design and manufacturing services. Kits can be made for just about any tank with whatever features you need. Like all of our kits, components are pre-assembled and Weld-On bonded for drop in installation wherever possible.