Left corner overflow installed in glass tank.

Tank Height Overflows for Corner or Center Drilled tanks

Unique back cut corners allow for one piece construction with tight 90 degree corners. Slots are 1/8″ wide x 1.125″ tall and include interior bottom slot tapers to minimize noise.

Corner and Center Overflows

Our full tank height corner and center overflows allow you convert your standard Aqueon glass aquarium into a full “Reef Ready” set-up. These overflows include several features which will give your build a top quality professional appearance.

  • Made from 1/4″ black cast acrylic.
  • 90 degree back cut corners. These allow for one piece construction with smooth, tight and seamless corners.
  • Radiused bottom corners. These provide proper clearance for the silicone seams found in the bottom corners of glass tanks.
  • Back beveled slots. The backside of each slot is tapered at the bottom to channel water downward. This makes the overflow much quieter (silent in most cases) than comparable non-beveled overflows.


Outside dimensions – 5″ x 4″ x X – (Width x Depth x Height)

Tank SizeHeight (X)Max Flow*
(Corner Style
Max Flow*
(Center Style)
10 Gal11.625″840 GPH1000 GPH
15 Gal11.625″840 GPH1000 GPH
20 Long11.625″840 GPH1000 GPH
20 High15.625″840 GPH1000 GPH
29 Gal17.625″840 GPH1000 GPH
40 Breeder15.625″840 GPH1000 GPH
60 Breeder14.625″840 GPH1000 GPH
* Max flow rates indicated for standard 1/8″ x 1 – 1/18″ slots, larger slots available as a no charge option if higher flow rates are required for your application.


Full customization options are available for our overflows. Please contact us with the details of your project and we’ll provide a quote with lead times.