No Suction Cup Dividers

Suction Cup Dividers

Aquarium Tank Dividers

Our aquarium tank dividers are a great way to divide a single tank into multiple chambers. Whether you are keeping Betas apart or temporarily creating a safe area for small or new critters we have a divider that will work for you. They are available in three styles:

  • No Suction Cup Dividers – These are slotted to secure onto the tank rim without an tools. They are en excellent option for quick installation and can easily be moved within or removed from the tank when not needed. They are not secured at the bottom unless you have a media base (gravel or sand) in your tank that can be used to surround the bottom to hold it in place. If the bottom cannot be secured we don’t recommend these for separating large aggressive animals. Also, the slot mechanism for securing the divider to the tank rim does protrude above the rim lip so the divider will interfere with tank lids which rest on that lip.
  • Suction Cup Dividers – These dividers make a great moveable/removable option in tanks where a lid that would be blocked by the no suction cup dividers is needed. They are securely held down at 4 points so they also work well with larger animals than the no suction cup dividers.
  • Silicone In Dividers – These are permanently installed in a tank with aquarium safe silicone sealant. While not moveable or removable, they are the most stable and durable solution.

All of our dividers are CNC cut from thick 1/4″ black or clear cast acrylic and they are available with or without diffusion holes